PNB Kitchenmate No-Oily Non-Stick Grill Tawa 240 mm (Thickness: 4 mm)

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Color – Black, Maroon

Brand – PNB

Product – Dimensions 28D x 36W x 7H Centimeters



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  • Apply a thin coating of cooking oil before using your PNB non-stick for the first time
  • Make it a point to cook food in PNB non-stick utensils on low or medium flame only. Cooking on high flame reduces the life of non-stick and discolors the surface.
  • It is best to use wooden spoon. You can also use metal spoons but avoid cutlery or sharp edged spoons or forks 240mm-aluminium-maroon.

Fed up of compromising with your taste because of your health consciousness! Forget the past and get ready to enjoy your favorite delicacies without getting worried about your health.
PNB Grill Tawa is a multi-purpose, non-oil and non-stick grill tawa which will bring taste and health together for you and your family. PNB Grill Tawa can greatly reduce oil consumption while cooking, resulting in healthier meals for you and your family. That’s not all! You can use PNB Grill Tawa to prepare your favorite foods like Grilled Sandwich, Grilled Dosa, Grilled Burger etc. by using minimum or no oil.


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