PNB Kitchenmate No-Oily Appapatrum Casted 2 Coat (7 Casted)

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Buy PNB Kitchenmate No-Oily Appapatrum Casted 2 Coat (7 Casted) at best prices in India. Free Shipping with COD Available.

Brand  – PNB
Color   – Maroon
Capacity – 7 Casted


  • Non-stick, 7 craters, Comes with steel lid, Wooden stick, Casted 2 coat, Triple-layered
  • Made of high-quality Hindalco Aluminium, Compatible with gas, Best quality
  • Make it a point to cook food in PNB non-stick utensils on low or medium flame only.

PNB Kitchenmate, your trusted brand from the past many decades stands for quality and smart design and PNB APPAPATRAM is proof of this. The product is the result of deep study and our efforts to always give the best quality and kitchen comfort to our customers. You can not only cook tasty and perfect brown Appams with this Appapatrum but other batter based delicacies like paniyarams, puddus, gunta, etc. You can use this Appapatrum to cook Liti and Bati too. Cook 7 of them in one go. The 3 plus coating also makes it more durable and long-lasting than its contemporaries. It is an ideal solution for your kitchen because it is health-friendly, uses very minimum or no oil for cooking. This non-stick Appapatrum  is toxins and PFOA free and safe for cooking. High-grade Aluminium is used for even & fast heat distribution which runs low on Gas-More Savings.


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