PNB Kitchenmate Excel Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Induction Base – Excel – (1.5L)

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Brand  – PNB
Color   – Silver
Capacity – 1.5 liters

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  • The pressure cooker is suitable for all types of cooking modes which include Ceramic Induction, Electric, Gas, and Halogen.
  • The pressure cooker comes with an encapsulated bottom in which an Aluminium layer is encapsulated between two Stainless steel layers for improved heat distribution and retention.
  • Bakelite handle ensures that there will be no burns on the Handle if it gets heated; The handle with the bracket offers an easy grip.
  • Made of best quality Stainless steel with a superior finish; Durable gasket and metallic safety Plug for ensuring safety.

ConstructionPNB Kitchenmate’s pressure cooker is made up of the best quality stainless steel for longer life. The mirror finish along with sturdy construction makes this pressure cooker vital for your kitchen. The pressure cooker does not corrode, is very hygienic and remains new looking for years.
The body and the lid are made up of 304 Food Grade (18/8) Stainless steel which indicates that the stainless steel grade has 18% chromium and 8% nickel, this makes the pressure cooker corrosion resistant and to be able to better withstand the effect of various acids in food.

Composite Bottom: The composite bottom pressure cooker consists of three layers. An Aluminium layer is encapsulated between two stainless steel layers. This enhances the cooking performance by even distribution of heat so that the food will not burn or stick. The extra-thick base remains flat and does not bulge.

Perfect seal through precise design: The lid of the pressure cooker seals the cooker properly so that there is no leakage while cooking. The steam remains inside the pressure cooker without any loss of heat.

Gasket release system: This is an additional level of safety in PNB Kitchenmate’s pressure cooker. The gasket will bulge and the steam gets released in case there is any blockage in the vent tube. Thus making the pressure cooker safe to use.

Metallic safety plug: Another safety feature comes in the form of a metallic safety plug which releases excess pressure when the pressure reaches beyond a certain threshold. This makes the cooker even safer.

Long-lasting gasket: The Gasket is of superior quality and does not get cut or scraped every time when the pressure cooker is opened or closed. The gasket life remains long even after exposure to different types of food acids or eating materials.

Bakelite handle: The pressure cooker comes with a bakelite handle which remains cool even after being in close contact with the flame. The handle enables you to use the pressure cooker safely and effectively.


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